Narcotic Self (NS) boasts a hybrid style of classic thrash coupled with a new style of metal. The band’s music has a diverse range of uptempo aggressiveness and a catchy melody, set against a softer side. The songs give the listener a complete, music experience. The lyrical topics of addiction, society, existence, and relationships are frequent themes. Narcotic Self explores the workings of the mind in music that also delivers unexpected twists and turns, leaving you wanting more and more. Although line-up changes have been a part of the band's history, Jesse Dean has been the constant spearhead of Narcotic Self.
Narcotic Self started playing at Omaha’s legendary Ranch Bowl (bowling alley and concert venue). As the band continued to stake their claim with bigger crowds, the word spread, and other opportunities began to arise. Within the Ranch Bowl alone, Narcotic Self opened for many renowned bands including Hatebreed, Soulfly, Exodus, Dope, and many others. Outside of the Ranch Bowl, Narcotic Self's hard work ethic and consistent following garnered opening slots for heavy metal titans Slayer, shock rockers The Genitorturers, and punk rock legends The Misfits.
Then, what appeared to be the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself and the band was invited to audition for MTV’s, then up-and-coming reality show, “Battle for OzzFest” in New York City. The band jumped at the opportunity and expected to perform in front of the “Prince of Darkness” himself. Narcotic Self was hoping to win a slot on the OzzFest tour and to be featured on the television show. However, the band arrived at 6 a.m. to a line of thousands of bands wrapping around an entire New York City block. This is what the industry refers to as a “cattle call.” Already feeling defeated, the band members waited outside in line for more than eight hours to audition. Camera charisma, inner band antics, and an in-your-face attitude got Narcotic Self through all stages of the interview process. Thousands of band auditoned, but Narcotic Self was 1 of only 12 bands to actually make it through all stages of this process. Ultimately, the band was not chosen for the series, and shortly thereafter the OzzFest Tour came to an end.
Rather than be defeated by the "Battle for Ozzfest" opportunity, Narcotic Self used it as fuel to write a new, full-length album. The band worked hard in the studio and soon released the album, “Blood and Poison.” The band gained momentum and the album’s release party sold out, along with numerous shows afterwards. The album's single titled “Who Will Save You Now” was selected for a radio segment called “Turn it or Burn it”. The track had an overwhelmingly positive response and was then added to regular rotation on the nation’s largest, college, radio station, 89.7 The River. Narcotic Self's unique style was getting the band more regional and semi-national attention. Band endorsements came in from Jagermeister Music, Dean Guitars, and Peavey Amplification (direct from none other than Megadeth bassist, David Ellefson).
Armed with a new line-up, a killer new album, prominent radio air play, and endorsements to back it all up, the band hit the road. Keeping a steady schedule, Narcotic Self played in many parts of the United States, but focused primarily on the Midwest. It wasn’t long before fan groups cropped up in Denver, Des Moines, Minneapolis, and Chicago. Jagermeister Music also awarded Narcotic Self a spot opening for big-name, rock band Staind in Des Moines for the Jagermeister Music Tour. During the tour cycle of “Blood and Poison,” the band was also given dates with legendary, German, thrash metal, pioneers Destruction, alongside the then up-and-coming band Havok. Narcotic Self was also given supporting slots with bands like Chimera, God Forbid, and Divine Heresy (featuring guitarist Dino Cazares of the band Fear Factor). It seemed Narcotic Self was an unstoppable force, however, the band was soon to hit a bump in the road.
On a short trip to Des Moines, IA, the band nearly perished when their tour bus blew a tire. The tire blowout caused massive damage to the tour bus and some of the band’s equipment. While the accident was devastating to band members, the hard-working band made it to their show within 15 minutes of the original set time. Narcotic Self unleashed one of their best performances yet. The show was the end of touring for “Blood and Poison.” and it would ultimately be a turning point for the band. All of the band’s investments where tied to touring, and the tour bus was unsalvageable. In addition, as part of a push toward the worldwide market, the band’s drummer took an opportunity to tour with the well-known hardcore act, ProPain.
The hope was that the ProPain tour  would bring attention to  Narcotic Self and insert them into the European Tour circuit. However, this alignment of circumstances left the band with no drummer, no vehicle, no performances, and no new album. The band was put in a short limbo for the first time. Endorsements began falling away, and momentum fell to a crawl. The ProPain tour had an initial schedule of six months, but that stretched into two years. Narcotic did not end up over seas for any touring. After the ProPain tours were over, the members of Narcotic Self were reunited and finally got back to work. The band was ready to evolve with a fresh, new sound.
With plans in mind for a follow-up, full-length album, Narcotic Self went into the studio to record the EP entitled “Erase Me.” When word spread that the band was back in the studio, the reaction was vast and infectious. Narcotic Self began doing some hometown shows and the fire quickly spread. In hard-working, Narcotic Self fashion, the band stunned a hometown audience with a full-scale production for the release of “Erase Me.” The songs encompassed everything previously loved about the band. The songs were mature, melodic, technical, and catchy with a brutal heaviness of the thrash band. “Erase Me” was a completely self-produced, self-recorded, and independent release that brought the band straight back into the forefront of the Midwest metal scene. The band began getting noticed across the globe via the internet. The title single “Erase Me” was entered into a contest held by recording software company, Toontrack, for their annual November “Metal Month," and the song “Erase Me” took first place. Almost overnight the track had 10,000 streams. This was a huge honor for the band considering the producers and musicians involved at Toontrack included, producer Andy Sneap, Tomas Haake (Meshuggah), and Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork) just to name a few.
Soon after, Narcotic Self was awarded “Best Hard Rock Performance” by the Omaha Entertainment Awards. The band was incredibly grateful for this award and the attention it brough. The live performances continued to gain larger and larger crowds. Narcotic Self did a few regional shows in surrounding cities, while selling out shows for hometown audiences. Promoters noticed and Narcotic Self was added to national acts, As I Lay Dying, Suicide Silence, guitar Legend Michael Angelo Batio, Havok, Wovenwar, and Sevendust. Endorsements were once again being offered to the band. An endorsement came from Inkaddict, a tattoo inspired apparel company. Founding member, Jesse Dean, regained his dream of being a Dean Guitars featured artist.
The band wrapped up 2015 writing and recording new music. As the year 2015 came to an end, Narcotic Self received an unexpected invite to play the biggest show of the band’s career: 89.7 The River’s ROCKFEST featuring Rob Zombie, Lamb of God, Clutch, Parkway Drive, and Radkey. The concert was held Friday, May 13, 2016 at WestFair Amphitheater in Council Bluffs, IA. Television spots, radio ads, social media, and print will be running day and night. All eyes are on Narcotic Self for what is in store next.
With popularity at an all-time high, Narcotic Self is more focused, determined, and knowledgeable than ever before. The band is using all of their past challenges and accomplishments as momentum for their rising future.
The band's highly-anticipated new album is out now on all digital outlets. New concert dates continue to be added to the band's 2016 schedule. Readers can see band updates on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and here on the band's website (please refer to links on our home page).